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Sebastian - Najlepsze dla Urody (Beauty Best)

Sebastian Professional Shaper ID Spray was awarded with prestige „ Najlepsze dla Urody “ (Beauty Best) prize, granted by the “Uroda Życia” , lifestyle monthly magazine. Jury appreciated easy application of the product, workable texture and UV filter.

Introducing Seb Man

Introducing Seb Man - a new range of hair care, styling and grooming products, for men who refuse to be categorized.

With great pleasure we are announcing a launch of the new cosmetic brand for men. It was designed to enable men express all versions of themselves in the most hassle-free way. Imagine a man, who is a talented tattooist, a composer and a caring father at the same time. Or – a skater, a poet and a defender of animal rights. For such men – undefinable individualists – we devote Seb...

Minimization of plastic use in everyday life of our Studio

We care for our Planet!

Nowadays, it is really important to protect the environment so in May 2019, Wella Studio got rid of some plastics. We changed plastic bottles to designer glass jars. What is more, we installed special water filtration to our taps. Thanks to that we can serve healthy water with juicy citrus and refreshing mint to our clients in hot days. Serving up drinks in our Studio has become functional and attractive. Moreover, disposable cutlery have gone away forever! Now we have...

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